Syndication is the sharing of authentic user-generated content from one client to another where there are matching products across the product catalogs. Syndication can happen in two ways: whether content collected on a brand’s website and is shared to retailers, or retailers collecting content on their website share it to brands. Syndication can occur across ratings and reviews platforms as well. The goal of syndication is to increase user-generated content coverage, which in turn increases conversion on products. With syndication, you won’t have to wait for a user-generated content to be submitted on every one of the products in your product catalog. Rather, you can increase user-generated content coverage by syndicating with either brands or retailers, and have those user-generated content appear on your site; you decide who you shared content with.

This article is about the Syndication process. For more Syndication documentation, see the following:

Syndication Process

syndication diagram

The flow of the Syndication Process is as follows:

  • Process Step 1: A customer leaves a review on a Space Sprocket on the Spacely’s website.

    The review is moderated, and then the review appears their website.

  • Process Step 2: Your company sends PowerReviews their product catalog that contains the Spacely’s Space Sprocket product.

    In parallel, Spacely sends PowerReviews their product catalog, which also contains the Space Sprocket.

    • These product catalogs contain the same Space Sprocket from both you, as a retailer, and Spacely. Since the products are consistent, PowerReviews creates a product match.

  • Process Step 3: The review left on the Space Sprocket on Spacely’s website now shares to your website, and appears on your Space Sprocket PDP.
  • Process Step 4: Any new review that’s generated on Space Sprocket automatically shares to your site, since PowerReviews created the product match.

When a syndicated review appears on your site, it’s denoted with an attribution as to where the review was originally collected. This is a requirement for syndicated content to appear on a retailer’s website. The annotation could state “Reviewed at Spacely” in text, or include a logo from the brand, or include a clickout to the brand’s website.

In order for this attribution to appear correctly, navigate to ConfigurationConfigure Reviews > Logos in the Portal, and upload the logo you want to appear with your syndicated content.

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