Moving Reviews from One Product to Another

The "Move Content" tool allows you to assign previously collected content (Reviews, Q&A, Social) from one product to another.

Common scenarios which require moving content include:

  • Changing ecommerce platforms
  • Releasing a new version of a product and wanting to retain reviews that were already collected
  • Reusing a product identifier that was previously used for an unrelated discontinued product (before new reviews have been written)
  • Correcting reviews that were collected to an incorrect or invalid page id

Any time a product identifier(s) provided to PowerReviews as the value of "page_id" or "variant_id" needs to change, the previously collected content will need to be moved. If you would like more information on using page ids and variants, see Page IDs and Variants.

Before you decide to migrate content, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Reviews can only belong to a single page id/variant combination. A page ID migration cannot copy review content, only move it.
  • All content associated with that page id/variant will be moved to the new identifier. You cannot choose the content to move and you cannot split the content to multiple page id/variant combinations.
  • This process cannot be undone once it's been completed.

This process only supports page ids and variants that you already provide from your Product Catalog to PowerReviews. If PowerReviews cannot locate the page id in your catalog, reviews cannot be moved.

To move your content:

  1. Create a CSV file with the following columns from left to right:

    1. current_page_id - Current product page id with existing content you want to move to new page id.
    2. current_variant - Even if you don’t use variants, the variant columns must exist in the CSV file. If you don’t use variants, replace the values for these columns with empty spaces.
    3. new_page_id - New product page id where content will be moved.
    4. new_variant
  2. Log into the PowerReviews Portal at
  3. In the left navigation pane, click on Setup.
  4. In' the Move Content' section, click Manual Input.

    Move content upload

  5. Copy the data from the CSV file you created in step 1 (minus the headers), and paste it into the text box in the Portal (image below).
  6. Verify the data you've entered is correct and click Move Content.

    If a variant or variants are not being used, commas still need to be included to delineate these empty fields.


    Current Page ID, Current Variant, New Page ID, New Variant

    abc,123,xyz,456 (from page id 'abc' and variant '123' to page id 'xyz' and variant '456')

    abc,123,xyz, (from page id 'abc' and variant '123' to page id 'xyz' and no variant)

    abc,,xyz,456 (from page id 'abc' and no variant to page id 'xyz' and variant '456')

    abc,,xyz, (from page id 'abc' to page id 'xyz' - no variants)

  7. (Optional) If you have a large list of products to migrate, you can also upload your files as a batch, by selecting the File Upload tab and following the prompts on the page.

Regardless of which method you choose, you can see the status history of all moved content at the bottom of the page. You can also download the original file, as well as an error file if any errors occur.

Error page

Download a sample CSV: file with no variants | file with variants.

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