Shopify Installation Guide

If you use Shopify or Shopify Plus, you can use this guide to set up PowerReviews for your eCommerce Store. The PowerReviews app places code on the files within your Shopify store. We recommend working with your developer to add, change, or remove any code.

If you experience any issues during this process, use the Support link in the Portal, or send an email to

Product Data

For the PowerReviews application to work effectively, you need to ensure that the appropriate and correct information about products is provided. As you add your products to the Shopify app via the Products navigation menu, at a minimum, ensure you add the following required fields:

  • Key - This Shopify field is required and should state PR Field.
  • Title - the name of your product.
  • Description - a brief description of your product.
  • Product Type - the category of your product. For example, Shoes.
  • Image - the publicly-hosted URL of the product image.
  • Vendor - the brand of the product.
  • Variants - any variants of your product. If you aren't using product variants, ignore this field.

Additionally, you must include the following fields if you use Syndication:

  • Barcode - the UPC of the product.
  • SKU - the manufacturer ID of the product.
  • Variant Barcodes - the UPCs of the variant of the product.


Whether you're working with the PowerReviews team or completing a Self-Service Implementation, you'll be provided with access to basic code to implement your software through a guided Portal experience. Further customization is available after the automatic install process is completed. Please review the Manual Installation documentation for detail regarding the placement of your review content and additional installation options. For information on CSS overrides and the appearance of your content, see Customizing PowerReviews Content.

To install PowerReviews on your Shopify store, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure PowerReviews Implementation team has created your Portal account and you have provided your Shopify URL. You should be able to log into
  2. Connecting PowerReviews with your Shopify Store
  3. Installing the PowerReviews software


This guide also includes the following information:

  • What is included as part of Automatic Installation
  • Further customization options after Automatic Installation

Connecting to Your Shopify Store

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your Shopify store URL into the field.
  3. Click Install.

    You will be asked to give PowerReviews permission to install the PowerReviews application on your Shopify store.

  4. Click Install App.

Installing PowerReviews Software

You have to option of performing either an Automatic Installation or a Manual Installation.

In order to perform an automatic installation of the PowerReviews software, your store must meet the following criteria:

  • You have one product page template (you do not have different templates for different products).
  • Your product page template is named Product.liquid template.
  • You have a Theme.liquid template. You have not changed the name o this template. Note that customizing within the template is fine.

If your site does not meet these criteria, some aspects of the automatic installation will not be applied correctly. It is recommended then to choose the Manual Installation method. Please follow the steps in our Manual Installation guide to complete your installation.

  1. If your site meets the above criteria, choose the Automatic Installation option.

    Upon clicking Automatic Installation, a message will appear to indicate that the review display code will be automatically injected into your Product Liquid Template (product.liquid).

    Since your store meets the criteria listed about for automatic installation, this message is not a concern.

  2. Click Install Automatically.

Step 1: Prepare for Installation

This page is meant to provide you with the information regarding what will be implemented on your Shopify site.

  1. Feel free to read through the information, and then click Next.

Step 2: Customize Email Details

In this step, you will set up your Follow Up email. This email is sent after a purchase is made, and asks your customer to review the item they have purchased. On the right side of the page, there is a preview of the email that changes as you update each section.

  1. Once you've entered all of your customizations and are comfortable with the information you have provided, click Begin Installation.

    In this step, the following fields are required:

    • From Name
    • Reply-to Email
    • Subject Line

    The following fields are optional:

    • Body Copy
    • Logo

    You will be able to update your email template again after installation is complete.

Installation Complete

Upon a successful automatic installation, you will receive the following message.

Testing Your PowerReviews Content

Now that you've finished installing the PowerReviews application, submit a test review to ensure that your solution is working properly. To do so:

  1. Navigate to a product page and write a review.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. Navigate to the Content tab in the Portal.
  4. Click Search to see your test review, they do not appear automatically.

    Reviews will appear on your site within 24 hours.

    After you confirm that reviews are submitting successfully, you can preview how the content appears on your site.

    1. Navigate to the product page to which you submitted your test review.
    2. Enter the following to the end of the URL in the browser: ?pr_enable_content_display_test_mode=true

      Your URL should resemble this example:

    3. Press Enter

      Your review should appear on the page.

Products and Features Included in Automatic Implementation

As part of the Automatic Installation, a number of items have been installed onto your Shopify store.

Review Display

The PowerReviews Review Display has been added to each of your Product Display pages. The Review Display takes collected and modified user-generated content (UGC), aggregates it, and then displays the content on your product pages for consumers to read. This enables the potential customer to dig deeper into the reviewer's experience with the product. The content in the Review Display is sortable and filterable based on some criteria from the Review Snapshot.

If you would like to change the location of the review display please refer to our Manual Installation guide.

Collect Email

The PowerReviews application automatically set up your Collect Email after you filled out step two of the installation flow. The Collect Email is used to request reviews and other user generated content from your customers after they purchase your product. If you would like to customize this email further please refer to this documentation.

Write a Review Form

The PowerReviews plug-in automatically creates your Write-a-Review page for review collection within your store. Customers use this form to write reviews about their purchases. You can view this page from the Shopify Portal by navigating to Online Store > Pages > Write a Review.

The Write-a-Review form fields include:

  • Rating
  • Headline
  • Comments
  • Service Comments
  • Bottomline
  • Nickname
  • Location
  • Media Collection (Image & Native Video)

Additional Customization Options

After the Automatic Implementation there are a number of ways to further customize the PowerReviews software.

Appearance & Placement of Content

To customize the appearance using CSS overrides see Customizing PowerReviews Content.

For other customization options including placements of the PowerReviews code on your site, please refer to our Manual Installation guide.

Collect Email

During the Automatic Installation you already set up your Collect email but further configuration of your Collect Email is available. As a reminder Collect Email is really important to get more reviews added to products on your website. Using this feature, you can send follow up emails to your customers after they purchase a product, inviting them back to write a review. Studies show that up to 60-80% of customer reviews come as a result of email solicitations.

Revisiting Collect Email Setting & Content

To Navigate to your Collect Email take the following steps:

  1. Log into the Portal.
  2. From the navigation bar, select Set Up.

    On the Setup page there will be a ‘Follow-Up Email’ card.

  3. Click on Email Manager.

    You can edit multiple fields within your Collect email template. For the body and footer copy, less is more. Only include text that's helpful or relevant for your customer to submit their review.

    Your subject line should be a clear call to action, like "Tell Us What You Think!". PowerReviews doesn't recommend including ads or marketing material that could distract your customer, and potentially keep them from leaving a review.

    After you finish customizing your email, take a moment to ensure all links work, and that you've caught any spelling mistakes.

  4. Click Save Content to save your email and make it ready to send.

As part of the sign-up process we have defaulted your Collect Email send to be 14 days after the purchase as a best practice. Depending on the type of products you are selling we recommend sending between 14 and 21 days after a customer places an order. If you expect your products to have a longer processing or shipping time, you want to enter a larger number of days. To update your collect email send days. To update the number of day click on the ‘Settings’ tab.


If you participate in the Syndication network, use either the UPC or GTIN for each product in the Barcode field. This field is required to ensure the best possible syndication results. You enter this information before you begin adding the PowerReviews code to your Shopify store.

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