Moderation and Observations

Moderation is the process of evaluating and taking action on content including reviews, questions, answers, images, and video left by consumers on your site.

Moderation Process

All content submitted through your site is moderated through three points through:

  • Submission via the profanity filter
  • PowerReviews moderation
  • Your own internal moderation processes.

As long as the content submitted to your site doesn’t violate the PowerReviews Moderation Policy, the content is published.

As your content flows through, PowerReviews moderators mark your content with observations for any issues they see. The PowerReviews Publication Rules determine the publication status of a piece of content based on its observations. This ensures content that violates the Moderation Policy isn’t published on your site. For more information, see PowerReviews Moderation Policy.


Observations make moderation simple, while enhancing the rich data around your reviews. An observation is a tag applied to a piece of content that indicates the nature of the content. The PowerReviews Publication Rules take into account any observations added by a PowerReviews moderator or by a member of your team. You can add these observations to your content regardless of its publication status. Additionally, adding your own observations makes it easy to find all reviews sharing that same quality. This ultimately helps you find like issues and take action on your content.

Making additional observations on your content also gives you advantages for searching and reporting. When you conduct a report or search, the results bring up anything with an observation, regardless if the content was observed by you or PowerReviews.

Typically, once a PowerReviews moderator makes an observation on your content, if the observation violates the PowerReviews Moderation Policy, the content is not published on your site.

However, each piece of content offers you tools to override this status, either publishing content you want to appear on your site, or unpublishing content you don’t want to appear on your site.

Glossary of Observations

The following list describes each Observation and corresponding Publication Rule to determine whether the content will be published based on the standard PowerReviews Moderation Policy. Clients can also make Observations on site content, once a PowerReviews moderator has reviewed the content.

Quick reference for standard Publication Rules:

Observation Published Unpublished
Safety Alert   X
Safety Concern X  
CS Alert   X
Legal X  
Web X  
Price   X
Profane   X
Irrelevant   X
Retail/Comp   X
Contradict   X
Foreign Language   X
Underage   X
Duplicate   X
Copyright   X
Fraud   X
Test   X

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