The Write-a-Review form is a fully responsive form that captures reviews from your customers, including images and videos. The Write-a-Review form is a JavaScript component, hosted on a standalone page, where consumers can go to write a review about your products.

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This page contains the following sections:


Wrapper Page

Before you add the Write-a-Review code to your site, you must create a standalone wrapper page, since the Write-A-Review form requires a URL to link from Post Purchase Emails. As a best practice, PowerReviews recommends creating your Write-A-Review wrapper page using a URL similar to the following: www.yourdomain.com/write-a-review. Ensure that you include your site’s header and footer on the wrapper page, with the PowerReviews Write-A-Review code in the content container. Check out PowerReviews' Demo Store to see an example of what a wrapper page looks like after code is applied to the page.

The wrapper page is a critical component to your Write-a-Review form displaying correctly and for your follow up email to link to the correct form. A wrapper page is a blank HTML page, that you create on your website, that incorporates your website style. You add the Write-a-Review code, with values specific to your product and merchant, provided later on this page to your blank HTML wrapper page. Once you add your Write-a-Review code to this blank wrapper page, the PowerReviews JavaScript reads the values on the page, and then displays the appropriate form for your customers to leave reviews on products and services.


To create the Write-a-Review form, you need the following variables, provided to you via Basecamp by your Implementation Engineer or Client Success Director: API Key, Merchant Group ID, and Merchant ID.

You also need to verify your locale and page ID for your product.

Adding the Write-a-Review form

To add the Write-a-Review form to your site:

  1. Review the aforementioned prerequisites.
  2. Create your Write-a-Review wrapper page on your site.
  3. Install the Write-A-Review container.
    • To install the container, copy, and then paste the following HTML element into your HTML page where you want the Write-A-Review form to appear: <div id="pr-write"></div>
  4. Install the Write-A-Review initialization code.
    • Copy, and then paste the code snippet at the bottom of your <body> tag.
  5. Replace the following values with your specific information. Ensure when you update the values, you remove the carats.
    • <API Key> with your provided API Key.
    • <Locale> with the locale for your site. For example en_US.
    • <MGID> with your provided Merchant Group ID.
    • <Merchant ID> with your provided Merchant ID.
    • <PageID> with the page ID associated with the product. This value can't exceed 50 characters.
    • <Variant> with the variant of the product. For more information about Product Variants, see Page IDs and Variants. If you aren’t using variants, remove this line from the code snippet.

<script src='//ui.powerreviews.com/stable/4.0/ui.js'></script>
      api_key: '<API Key>',
      locale: '<locale>',
      merchant_group_id: '<MGID>',
      merchant_id: '<Merchant ID>',
      page_id: '<PageID>',
      page_id_variant: '<Variant>', //only required if specifying a Page ID variant
      components: {
        Write: 'pr-write'

Write a Review Configuration Options

The following parameters are all possible variables you can pass within the JavaScript configuration in the source code for your Write-a-Review page.

Ensure that when you add these parameters that you include your specific information, and hard-code these values. The URL of the Write-a-Review form will NOT populate the parameters on your page, and can cause your form not to work properly.

Parameter Description Required?
merchant_id Your merchant identifier. Yes. Either your Merchant ID or the combination of your Merchant Group ID and your Site ID is required.
merchant_group_id Your merchant group identifier. Yes. Either your Merchant ID or the combination of your Merchant Group ID and your Site ID is required.
page_id The page id of the product being reviewed. PowerReviews uses API calls to gather data. As a best practice, you should only use alphanumeric characters in your page_id. However, PowerReviews still supports the use of hyphens and underscores. Yes
page_id_variant The variation within the page id, such as different colors, or sizes. No
locale The locale of your site. This defaults to en_US. Yes
unique_review_id Your internal unique identifier for the review. This parameter ensures that duplicate views don't get created. No
merchant_user_id Your unique identifier of the customer who creates the review. If you don't assign user IDs to all of your customers, and have no values for this field, you must set this value to an empty string, "". Don't use the null character value NULL; a quoted string value of "0", "NULL", or "null"; nor a string of blank space characters. No
merchant_user_email The email address of the customer creating the review. No

Designates a source for the review. You can add web, email, paid_web, or paid_email as the value for this parameter.

Web - review submitted via website Write a Review link.

Email - review submitted via direct link from a Post Purchase email. This assigns the Verified Buyer badge.

order_id The ID of the customer's order associated with the review. No
return_url When set, a Continue Shopping link appears on the Write a Review Thank you Page, that links to the URL you provide for this parameter. This URL should be fully qualified and not relative. No
style_sheet The URL to your CSS override sheet. No
disclosure_code This parameter denotes a sampling or sweepstakes campaign. You can add Sampling or sweepstakes as the value for the parameter. No

You can also pass parameters in the Write-a-Review form URL to customize the experience for your customers. By passing parameters in the URL, the parameters override any JavaScript passed in your Write-a-Review form.

To pass parameters in the URL, take any of the parameters listed in the table and prepend pr_ to the parameter. For example, pr_disclosure_code=sampling.

Required Minimum Characters

Research conducted by PowerReviews has found that requiring consumers to reach a minimum amount of characters when writing a review boosts the length of reviews by 15 percent. As such, you can opt to impose a minimum characters requirement in the comments field of your Write-a-Review form if you wish to. You will choose the amount of characters that will be required, and then the consumers' entry into the comments field will have to reach that requirement in order for them to submit their review.

Contact your Client Success Director for more information, or to implement Required Minimum Characters.

PowerReviews recommends 50 characters and best practices for Required Minimum Characters.

Pre-Populating Write-a-Review Fields

You have the ability to pre-populate fields on your Write-a-Review form. This is helpful if your site requires customers to log in, because you can pre-populate the form with your customers' first name or a user name that they use on your site.

You can pass the following standard parameters in the URL of your Write-a-Review form to prepopulate fields:

  • pr_name - the user name or nickname of the person leaving the review.
  • pr_location - the location of the person leaving the review.
  • pr_headline - the headline, or title, of the review.
  • pr_rating - a value of 1 to 5 that signifies the star rating.
  • pr_comments - the review or comments of the review itself.

You can also pass in additional parameters in the Write-a-Review form URL. To locate these additional parameters:

  1. Navigate to your PDP.
  2. Right-click on the PDP, and then select Inspect.
  3. Navigate to the Network tab in Developer Tools.
  4. Locate the form fields you want to pre-populate, and then make note of the key.
  5. Add the key to the URL of your Write-a-Review form, and then specify the value you want to appear in the form.

As a best practice, you should only pre-populate fields on the Write-a-Review form that assist your customer in writing a review. You should avoid pre-populating fields that gather your customers' opinion.

Updating Reviews

Costumers can return to and update their reviews following an experience with your customer service team and your products. If your team frequently interacts with customers who leave low ratings or confusing reviews, your team can engage with them to update their review once their issues have been resolved or questions have been cleared up. Contact your CSD today if you would like to pilot this new feature. For more information, see Updating Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What text can we change on the Write a Review form?

Reach out to your Client Success Director to ask about making changes to the text headlines on a WAR form, but keep in mind that such changes are global and will affect all ‘Write a Review’ forms that you use.

Are the Bottom Line or Was This a Gift fields required? Can these questions be removed?

These fields are not required, and can be hidden through CSS. If you would like to have them removed entirely by PowerReviews, this will require reaching out to your Client Success Director to inquire about custom templates.

What kinds of questions can be added to a template?

Merchant-Specific Questions (MSQs) can be added to either standard templates or custom templates. MSQs can be in checkbox, radio button, or dropdown format. Please reach out to your Client Success Director for pricing and information.

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