Site Analytics

The Site Analytics section provides an in-depth look at how your visitors are interacting with the user generated content on your site and how those visitors are converting.

  • UGC: Understand broadly which UGC types (review, media, and q&a) your visitors are interacting with and how they are converting
  • Review: See the sales influence of the review display and which review features customers are utilizing
  • Media: See the sales influence of the image gallery and review images and which media features customers are utilizing
  • Q&A: See the sales influence of the question and answer display and which q&a features customers are utilizing

The accuracy of these reports is dependent on the consistent client-side rendering of PowerReviews’ JavaScript.

These reports, however, heavily rely on a number of client-side implementation decisions in order for it to be updated and accurate. If any of the following is not turned on, implemented or consistently displayed, the accuracy of these reports will be significantly diminished or they may be blank:

PowerReviews JavaScript Installed and Consistently Called

The PowerReviews JavaScript code contains a Display Beacon call which informs PowerReviews of a pageview. There are various reasons this might not be called, such as the code is hidden behind a tab or special logic for no reviews doesn’t render it. If this code is not called with every page visit, though, the sales influence reporting will be incorrect. See JavaScript Reference Guide for more details.

Checkout Beacon Installed

This code pixel sits on the order confirmation page and informs PowerReviews that an order has been placed. This powers features such as Follow Up Email but also is critical for reporting on conversion. See Checkout Beacon for more details.

Social Measurement Beacon Enabled

This is enabled by default for all clients using PowerReview JavaScript. If this report is displaying visitor metrics this is enabled. In the rare occurrence it is not displaying visitor metrics, the Social Measurement Beacon may be turned off and you will need to reach out to your Client Success Manager or our Technical Support team so they can look into this further.

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